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Here at the Strip Curtain Shop we strive to bring only the best quality PVC strip curtains available for any range of applications in the workplace. For a fast pace and clean enviroment our strip curtains will do the job with ease.





Strip curtain applications:

  • Cold/freezer room doors
  • Conveyor openings
  • Factory entrances
  • Factory partitionings
  • Overhead crane-way openings
  • Personnel doors
  • Spray booths
  • Storage area enclosures
  • Ventilation brattices

Plain vs Ribbed strip curtain:

Plain strip curtains offers ease of access for workers and equipment inside the business. They are mainly utilized in environments that require temperature control, such as air-conditioned spaces, freezers and coolers, as well as for receiving doors and shipping docks.

Ribbed strip curtains reduces scratching brought on by loads passing through the opening. The high ridge of the strip reduces friction thus, Ribbed strip curtains are better suited for regions with little motorized and foot traffic. They are a heavier strip as a result of the ridges in the ribs.

The three most popular strip curtain sizes are:

  • 200 mm x 2 mm - Light duty: typically for pedestrian traffic
  • 300 mm x 3 mm - Medium duty: suitable for pedestrian & pallet jack traffic
  • 400 mm x 4 mm - Heavy duty: definitely used where forklift traffic exist

How to select the correct strip curtian for your application:

  • Height of ​door opening (or more accurately, height of the installation)
    • The higher a door opening, the wider the strip must be
  • Force of draught through the door opening eg. internal vs external door
    • Internal doors are less exposed the the elements than external doors
  • Type of traffic which will pass through the pvc curtain door
    • Pedestrian traffic uses light duty strips
    • Forklift traffic require heavy duty strips
  • How efficient the barrier needs to be
    • You can increase or decrease the number of strips aka density

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